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Games Workshop have a large inventory of models and kits available for their ranges, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 and the specialist games ranges they produce. Due to the sheer vastness of this range there are certain items that are available on special order from The Outpost.

To place an order for these products we ask for contact via email, contact form or by phone. We want to ensure the product is the correct item for your needs as there are typically multiple items with very similar names, weapons or equipment. These items are also typically where Finecast, metal or resin kits exist meaning quality control is stricter. As a result these items are not made available as a main stock range but can still be purchased at discount.

We do still offer discount on these items. These items can form part or the whole of an order and our standard shipping prices and shipping discounts apply.

For these items please call us to place your order on 0114 2752172.

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