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Day of the Wyrd 2

Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Outpost
Unit 2, Kingfisher Works
Neepsend Lane
S3 8AU

Day of the Wyrd 2

A Malifaux Tournament

Saturday 28th October 2017

The Outpost


This is a Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews.



Entry is £10 for the day, this doesn’t include lunch. Shops are nearby however.

Event Format

At registration declare your faction for the day.

Gaining Grounds 2017 will be used. (it's nearly over!)

Strategies and Schemes will be announced over on the Wyrd Forums and an updated rule pack produced.


09:30 Registration

10:00 Round 1 (10min set up 110mins round)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Round 2 (10min set up 110mins round)

15:00 Break

15:15 Round 3 (10min set up 110mins round)

17:20 Prize Giving


Tournament Organizer

The Tournament Organizer, or TO, is the sole authority at Malifaux tournaments.
TOs are expected to be fair and equitable in their adjudication of debates and rules questions.
Regardless of the outcome, a TO’s decision is final.

Players are encouraged to work out simple rules disputes among themselves because the round clock does not stop whilst waiting for the TO to answer questions.


All players are expected to behave civilly and respectfully at all times, and treat other players as they would like to be treated.
When asked, players should provide the information and stats for their models, as well as any other additional public information.
Basically, don’t be "TFG".

Activations should be played in a timely manner, and players should allow opponents to cut their decks after shuffling.

There is a Zero tolerance for cheating (other than Cheating Fate which is, of course, completely acceptable and encouraged).
Players caught cheating by the TO will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and all future events run by the TO.

The Warning System

Players are given a single warning when their behavior towards other players or the TO is considered unacceptable.
If their behavior persists, and the TO determines the player to be a disruption to the tournament,
it is within the TO’s authority to disqualify the player from the tournament. Don’t be that player.
No refunds will be given if you are disqualified.

Player Responsibility

You will need to bring with you:

Your crew – no painting requirement, but no raffle ticket if you dont.

Official M2E stat and upgrade cards (no beta stat cards permitted)

Tape Measure (with imperial mesurements)

Fate Deck with readable Malifaux suits


Counters applicable to your crew (e.g. Scheme, corpse, scrap etc)

Pen & Paper

To identify any additional requirements that they may be needed. This can be done ahead of the day,
for example different colored sheets can be obtained if required.
These will be confidential where possible.


Crew Construction

At the start of each round, players will announce which faction they are taking to their opponent. They will then pick their crews and upgrades in secret, up to the 50 Soulstones for that round, before announcing their selections.

Dual-faction models may be hired according to the normal rules if they are available to be hired by the player’s nominated faction, and out-of-faction hiring is permitted as per individual specific model abilities (such as the Mercenary characteristic.)

Wave 5 allowed (see how many of you read this). Models for which there is no officially released stat card (such as models still in beta testing) may not be used. If in doubt for any particular case, speak to the TO before the event for clarification.

Players should then select Schemes from the available Scheme Pool.


Encounter Set-up

All players will play the same Strategy and choose schemes from the same Scheme Pool for that round. Scheme choices are not considered unique, and the same scheme can be taken in multiple rounds if it appears in multiple Scheme Pools. The TO will generate the Scheme Pool for each round in advance and the information will be provided three days in advance, on the day as well as in this rules pack.

Terrain will be placed in advance by the TO and must not be moved by the players. If you have an issue with the terrain placement, please speak to the TO.


Round Time Limit

Each round will be played for 120 minutes.

Included in the time limit is a 10-minute setup period during which players go through the Encounter Setup with their opponent, including discussing terrain classification, hiring crews, selecting schemes and deployment. The round timer will be started once all players are at their assigned tables and the strategy and scheme pool has been announced.

Timer announcements will be made when there is 1 hour remaining and again when there are thirty minutes remaining.

When there are 10 minutes of the Round remaining, the TO will call “Final Turn”, from which point the players should finish the turn they are currently playing and not start another turn. At the end of the allotted time, the TO will call “Final Activation”. The players will then finish the current model’s activation, end the Activation Phase, and proceed through to the End Phase of that turn. The final turn should be scored “as it lies” and then VP totals calculated.

Where additional requirements have been identified these will be taken into consideration on an individual basis.

A standard Malifaux game lasts for 5 turns. After the 5th turn, players should flip for further turns in line with the rules in the M2E Rulebook. If players have reason to end a game prior to the 5th turn, the TO should be made aware as no further actions can be taken once players have agreed to end the game early.

A break is allocated for lunch and between Rounds 2 and 3 for players to allow players to have breather and grab a drink.

Players should ensure they are back in the main room ready for the next round to start on time. Please ensure your scoresheets are submitted to the TO as quickly as possible to allow the next Round to begin on time.

Over the lunch time break the best painted will be judged if you want your crew to be considered there will be place put aside for assembling your crew this crew must be of the faction you are playing with for the day.


Painting, Proxies & Conversions

Models do not need to be painted, but must be assembled (glued) and fixed to the appropriate size base as specified on the models stat card. A fully painted crew, however, goes wonders towards making a more immersive game experience for both yourself and your opponent, and is definitely recommended – even if you only apply a couple of colours.

Proxies are allowed as long as they are appropriate representations of the model they as being used for and are mounted on the correct sized base, however you must own the official M2E stat card for the model. Any proxies must be clearly identified to your opponent at the start of the round to avoid confusion. If you have any doubt as to the suitability of the proxy model, then contact the TO in advance.

Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modelling skills and are definitely encouraged, although as with proxies they should remain an appropriate representation of the model in question.

There will be a raffle ticket given in each round for a fully painted crew (3 colours up). Thats the opportunity of three tickets per person.



After each round, placement will be scored according to ranking of total Tournament Points, with Victory Point Differential and then Total Victory Points used as tie breakers (see below). If the scores are still tied at this stage, then the sportsmanship votes for each player will be used as a tie break. In the event that this doesn’t produce a result then the final tiebreak will be a best of 3 card flip.

At the end of each Encounter, players tally up the VP that they earned that round. The player that earned more VP than his or her opponent wins the game and the opponent loses the game. In case of the same VP count, the game is a draw.


Tournament Points [TP]:

A win awards 3TP to the winner, a draw awards 1TP to each player, and a loss awards 0TP to the defeated player.

E.g. Jimmy and Dave played a game, and Dave scored 6VP while Jimmy scored 4VP. Sam receives 3TP, while Jimmy receives 0TP.


Victory Point Differential [DIFF]:

Each player subtracts the amounts of VP their opponent scored from the amount of VP that they scored.

E.g. Using the example above, Dave would have +2Diff, while Jimmy would have -2Diff.


Victory Points [VP]:

This is the amount of points each player earned.

E.g. Using the example above, Dave would have 6VP while Jimmy would have 4VP.

For the first round pairings are random. After the first round, the TO will pair players based on their Tournament Point (TP) scores. In subsequent games, players will always play other players with similar TP scores & VP Diff.


Byes and Scoring Byes

If there are an odd number of players there will be a ringer, there scores stand but cannot win prizes.


Forfeits and Conceded Games

If a player forfeits or concedes a game for any reason, the opposing player picks up a full score of 3TP/10VP/+10Diff for the round, with the forfeiting player receiving 0TP/0VP/-10Diff.
The forfeiting player should make the TO aware of the forfeit, but not the reason why.



Depending on number of participants the prizes will be

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Last place

plus other spot prizes.


The results will be published on the Wyrd forum in the tournament thread.

This is a ranked event. Results will be submitted to If you wish to remain anonymous in the Malifaux UK rankings, please inform the TO.