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Guild Ball: Sheffield Team Championships

Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Outpost
Unit 2, Kingfisher Works
Neepsend Lane
S3 8AU

Date: 27th Jan 2018
Location: Outpost Sheffield

• To create a roster, a Player chooses a Guild and selects 10 models that may play for that Guild. This roster
must consist of 1-2 [Captain] models, 1-2 [Mascot] models, and 4-7 Team Member models that play for
the selected Guild.
• Players may select both an original and a Veteran version of a single named model in their 10 model
• A Player that did not choose the Union as their Guild may select a single eligible Union model for their
• Across a team, no captain may be repeated.
• Chess Clocks should be set to 45 minutes per Player.
• Admin/Clocked Out time is 20 minutes’ total with clocked out.
• Players being allowed 1 minute activations.
• Round Length is 110 minutes’ total (and includes pairing).
• The most current Eratta will be in force.
• All models that have an official released model and an official card are permitted (this includes any

Round Pairings
• Team A secretly assigns a player to table 1 whilst team B as- signs a player to table 3 simultaneously.
• The assigned players are revealed, and each team selects an opponent from their remaining two.
• The two players which remain at the end of the pairing, compete on table 2.

Outpost Presents: Sheffield Team Championship
Tournament Scoring
• The team that gains 2 or more victories from the 3 games in a round is declared the winner and receives
1 tournament point. The losing team receives 0 tournament points.
• Each player that wins their game in a round is awarded a “Player Tournament Point”.
• Each team’s Strength Of Schedule will be calculated and will be used as the 1st tie-breaker. T.
• The Opponent’s Strength of Schedule of each team is also recorded across all games and will be used as
the 2nd tie-breaker.
• The total “Player Tournament Points” a team has accumulated will be used as the 3rd tie-breaker.
• The total number of VP difference across all 3 games for a round is also recorded and is used as the 4th

Tournament Timings
• 09:30 – 10:00: Registration and Announcements
• 10:00 – 11:50: Round 1
• 11:50– 13:00: Lunch
• 13:00 – 14:50: Round 2
• 15:00 – 16:50: Round 3
• 17:00: Awards

• Team Prizes will be offered to the top 3 teams
• Individual Award for the Best Painted Team (must have been done by the person entering)
• Individual Awards for Best Goal Token. (mist have been done by the person entering)