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Outpost UKISS Qualifier

Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Outpost
Unit 2, Kingfisher Works
Neepsend Lane
S3 8AU

Outpost UKISS Qualifier
24th February 2018
Warmachine & Hordes
75pts Steamroller event (2 lists, D&C 0, ADR)
£10 Entry

Players will need to bring 2x 75 points lists. Each list must be used at least zero times (divide and conquer 0). Lists must comply to the following format:

All rules are subject to the current Steamroller rules pack.

List submission is not required, before round 1 opponents will check their opponents lists, if there are any discrepancies please alert the TO. Spot checks will be made on lists throughout the day. In the event of any discrepancies a DQ may be issued. Get your lists right!

This is a UK & Ireland Super Series Qualifier. Full details for this circuit can be found here.

The number of rounds is dependant on the number of attendees. Rounds will use Deathclock, rounds are 2 hours. Players are expected to provide their own clocks (free apps are available for phones.)

Scenarios will not be revealed until the day of the event.

Scenario rules, clarifications and scoring systems are found in the current Steamroller rules pack.

Scoring will be determined by victories with Strength of Schedule (SoS) as the 1st tie breaker and control points (CP's) as the 2nd tie breaker. In the event that a 3rd tie is needed then Army Points will be uses (AP's).

When handing in your victory slips also indicate the scenario points scored as well as opposing AP destroyed as these will influence your overall score. Please note that:

If a Warcaster/Warlock is killed you receive 10AP's
Destroyed models are worth the points value indicated on their card even if their points are modified by circumstances such as tier lists.

A model is worth AP every time is it destroyed (i.e. if it is destroyed, brought back to life and destroyed again). Units must be completely destroyed for AP's to be scored.

Painted armies are not required however they are highly encouraged as they improve everyone’s gaming experience. There will also be a best painted award during the event.

The Schedule for the day is dependant on the rounds. Assuming we have at least 16 players 4 rounds will be played with the following schedule:

Registration: 0900-0930
Introduction and pairings: 0930-0945
First game: 1000-1200
Lunch: 1200-1300
Second game: 1300-1500
Third Game: 1515-1715
Fourth Game: 1730-1930
Awards: 1945-2000


Prizes will be announced on the day and depends on the number of entrants.