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Snap Shot II

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Outpost
Unit 2, Kingfisher Works
Neepsend Lane
S3 8AU

Snap Shot 2 Outpost Guild Ball Tournament

Date: 29th July 2016

Players: 16 Max

Cost:  £14 entry, tickets are available here.



This event will use The Regional Cup format the latest version is available here;


Tournament Length

This event will be a maximum of 4 rounds.


Win Condition

Games are played to a [12] VP win condition.


Roster Size

• To create a roster, a Player chooses a Guild and selects 10 models that may play for that Guild. This roster must consist of 1-2 [Captain] models, 1-2 [Mascot] models, and 4-8 Team Member models that play for the selected Guild.

• Players may select both an original and a Veteran version of a single named model in their 10 model rosters.

• Players that did not choose the Union as their Guild may only select a single eligible Union model for their roster.

Match Roster Selection:

At Step D of the Pre-Match Sequence, both Players roll a die, rerolling any tied results. The winner chooses to either be the ‘Kicking Player’ or the ‘Receiving Player’. Once the winner has been chosen, proceed with the following steps:

• The Receiving Player selects a model from their roster to be in the match and places the model’s card on the table.

• The Kicking Player selects a model from their roster to be in the match and place the model’s card on the table.

• These steps are repeated until both Players have 6 models on the table selected for the match. Remember that only one version of a single named model may be selected for each team.

• After this, proceed from Step F of the Pre-Match Sequence.


Round Timing

Chess Clocks should be set to 45 minutes per Player.

Round Length is 110 minutes total.


The Schedule 

9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30 -9:45 Introduction, Briefings and Pairing for round 1

9:45 –11:35 Round 1

11:45 – 13:35 – Round 2

13-35-14:15 Lunch – NOT INCLUDED

14:15-16:05 Round 3

16:15- 18:35 Round 4

18:45 Awards



A lunch will not be provided but Tesco is a short walk and McDonalds/Burger King are a short drive.



Will be awarded for 1st,2nd and 3rd Place

Wooden Spoon – Last Place

Best Goal Token

Best Painted

We will be using the Organised Play prize pack along with some prize support from Outpost in the form of vouchers.



Parking – All surrounding streets to the venue are free of charge to park.

Tram – 5 minues walk from Infirmary Rd Tram Stop

Train – The tram can be caught from the Train station to Infirmary Rd