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Warhammer 40k: Divided We Stand

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Outpost
Unit 2, Kingfisher Works
Neepsend Lane
S3 8AU

Divided We Stand

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Tournament


The Outpost

Unit 2, Kingfisher Works

Neepsend Lane


S3 8AU



17th February 2018


The format of the event is a 1000+750+750 point please see below, swiss style tournament fought over three rounds.



Tickets are £12 each. (this does not include lunch)




09:00 - 09:45 Registration and pairings

10:00 - 12:30 Game 1

12:30 - 13:15 Lunch and best painted army voting

13:15 - 15:45 Game 2

15:45 - 18:15 Game 3

18:30 - Awards and end


Army Format

For this event each participant will take 3 parts to an army.

Part 1 – This is 1000pts and if the CORE of the army.

Part 2 – A 750pts SPECIALIST (1) portion of the army.

Part 3 – A 750pts SPECIALIST (2) portion of the army.


At the start of each game, after the mission has been declared both players will choose which of their specialist forces they will be using in addition to their core force. This should be done in secret by writing it down on a piece of paper, or turning a d6 to a 1 or 2 to represent the choice, both players reveal simultaneously. The two options for army composition are:




These cannot be altered and must in their entirety form a legal army. That is to say that each army independently could be considered an 'illegal' force but with the addition of either SPECIALIST force it would become legal – such as requiring a particular unit. In that case, the required unit would need to be present in BOTH SPECIALIST parts.


Your SPECIALIST forces can be entirely the same as each other for no penalty but you will be at a disadvantage. Anything that states you “may only include one of these in your army” applies to all 3 parts of the list, thus you may not duplicate Roboute Guilliman in SPECIALIST 1 & 2 but he may be in the CORE.


Chapter Approved updates will be used

Lists should be typed in a logical format with full names, point costs and breakdown of points where relevant. Before each round your opponent may check your list so please ensure you have ALL relevant literature. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification.



The Chapter Approved Maelstrom of War Missions and Tactical Objectives will be used



Games will be scored in the following manner.


Win = 10 points

Draw = 5 points

Loss = 1 point

In the event of a point tie on the leader board, the number of victory points earned will be to determine the winner (so make a note of them on your sheet). If still tied after this then blood points will be used.


1 point will be awarded at the end of each round for having a fully painted army


Blood Points

A unit is worth a number of Blood Points equal to its cost in points. You score these points for enemy units/vehicles destroyed, fled off the board or fleeing at the end of the game. Keep a note of Blood Points earned at the end of each game as these will help with rankings. Half Blood Points are scored at the end of the game for the following:


Units below 50% starting number of wounds.

Monstrous Creatures and vehicles below 50% starting wounds.

A note on being under pointed: All armies should be worth exactly the points available for this event, if your army is less than the available points then your opponent automatically gets those points at the end of the game. E.g., if your army is worth 1995/2000 you opponent automatically gets the additional 5 points that you haven't spent, this is the ensure lists are not intentionally under pointed.


Participant Responsibilities

Participants are expected to turn up on time. They should ensure they start their rounds in a timely fashion and avoid time delaying during rounds.


Participants must bring the following:


A copy of the 8th edition rulebook

A copy of their appropriate codex or index

A copy of Chapter Approved 2017

A full print out of your list

Dice, tape measure, Wound markers and a pen.


In the event you fail to bring any of these items and are found to need them in a rules query you will be ruled against.





Best Painted

If the event prize pool warrants a Best Painted prize, during the lunch any players wishing to enter the painting competition will be asked to display their army. Outpost staff and other players will vote on armies and decide the best painted. To enter, your army must be fully painted.


Bloodiest General

If the event prize pool warrants a Bloodiest General prize, the player with the highest Blood Points value will be crowned the Bloodiest General.