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Warhammer Chronicles: The Legend of Sigmar BL2377

Warhammer Chronicles: The Legend of Sigmar
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  • A Warhammer Chronicles omnibus

    From a humble tribesman to the founder of a great empire to God-King: the journey of Sigmar begins here in an epic trilogy of award-winning novels.

    Nowadays, he's a god-king, ruling a Celestial realm and sending out gold-armoured heroes to reconquer the Mortal Realms from Chaos. But once he was a man, and this is the story of how he went from the son of a tribal leader to the most powerful warrior in the world... And one of the books in the series won the David Gemmell Legend Award as well.

    Sigmar is the greatest leader of men the world has ever known. By saving the high king of the dwarfs, he earned the eternal friendship of the mountain folk. When a mighty horde of orcs threatened his lands, he united the tribes of men to stand against them at Black Fire Pass. He broke the siege of Middenheim and pushed back the forces of Chaos. In defeating the great necromancer Nagash, he saved mankind and secured the future of his empire. His deeds are legend. This is his story.

    Written by Graham McNeill


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