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Manatee Haulers (2) F00047

Manatee Haulers (2)
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Available to order. Please allow 4-14 days for delivery.
  • The Manatee Haulers set consist of 2 haulers with trailers. The set is dedicated for Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli, but can work well with any kind of sci-fi miniature wargame.

    The Manatee Haulers trailer is compatible with Micro Art Studio Containers, Tech Containers, Cisterns and Tech Cisterns.

    This model is a combination of hardfoam and hdf laser cut parts. It's delivered as a pack, unassembled and unpainted.
    The parts of the model are designed to slot together in a way that allows for a quick and easy assembly. It may be necessary to glue some parts of the model - use PVA (white) glue.

    Attention: Before taking the elements out make sure they are fully cut. There are minor connections that prevent them from falling out.

    Miniatures on the picture provided by Corvus Belli are not a part of the set but are used for scale purposes only.

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